Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Hoddeok (호떡)

Yeah, i've to admit..
I'm kinda addicted to anything about korea..
The food, the music, the language..OK, better stop there...

But i actually love the food the most! (Well, to be frank, any kind of food would be the thing i love so much =P)

Everytime i went back to Malaysia, i will usually eat korean food for at least once. There's one place at The Garden, next to Midvalley Megamall, where you'll find a halal korean restaurant, or should i say stall? Urm, because it's actually located at the foodcourt. Well, who cares? One thing for sure, the owner is truely Korean...lol.
The ahjumma (aunty in Korean) is reaaaally kind. Everytime i went there, she'll give me one free dish. EVERYTIME! Huu~ na nun cheongmal henbokkeyeo!

Sadly, it is soooo~ hard to find a halal korean restaurant especially in Bandung.. =(

Well, here i wanna share a very simple recipe which i learned from Maangchi@youtube

It is called hoddeok @ korean pancake..
Don't expect it to be like the pancake we used to eat or lempeng..
I prefer to call it as doughnut with filling...can u imagine it now?
I made this hoddeok twice..
It tasted uniquely nice and delicious..
Especially to those cinnamon-lovers...


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