Monday, 3 January 2011

Lip Ulcer!

Sila tinggalkan komen anda walau sesimple manapun agar penulis akan lebih bersemangat untuk terus menulis blog. Terima kasih =)

It has been a few days since i got this cutie little yellowy ulcer on my inner lower lip.
Seriously sakit!
Senyum lebar sikit je pun tak boleh cuz nnti ulcer tu terkena gigi.

Hopefully this pain will brings away my sins. InsyaAllah.

So, alang2 kena ulcer ni..
 I search a bit about it..and nak share with all here..

An ulcer is a wound or lesions that usually develop on a person's skin, eye or other mucosal membranes of the body. A lip ulcer is often found inside the mouth on the inner lips themselves. The lip ulcer falls under two categories, those formed a canker sores and those caused by the herpes simplex virus. (minta dijauhkan la dr herpes ni~)

Causes Of Lip Ulcer

- injury or trauma to the inner lips
- infection, a haywire immune system, allergies
- improper diet and a lack of certain vitamins and minerals.
- allergies to some medication food and beverages

Spicy foods can also aggravate the situation and make healing of the lesions longer.

Preventing Lip Ulcer

There are several methods and homemade remedies to enable the prevention of lip ulcer. Among the many treatments and so called cures for lip ulcer include but is not limited to taking vitamins and mineral supplements, keeping the mouth and oral cavity clean. In some cases, there are specific medications and applications that will help heal the lesions or wounds quickly and cleanly.

A lip ulcer can be quite uncomfortable and can stress an individual to some extent. One has to be careful in chewing food and going through the digestive system. Using a mouth wash everyday can help prevent the eruption of a lip ulcer. A mouthwash consisting of salt mixed with warm water can intensify the healing process of the lesions on the inner lips. An antibacterial mouthwash will also help to keep the number of bacterium on the lesions.

A lip ulcer is not life threatening and can be easily healed with the right medication or appropriate home remedy. In some cultures, leaves or other herbal plants are used to manage ulcer in the oral cavity. No matter where you are, you will definitely have an inkling of what this condition may entail.

Org kata, kalau ulcer, nk cepat baik, letak garam...
So sy pun try lah semalam..
Fuhh~ berair mata..
Hanya Allah tau camne sakitnyer..
Peringatan buat diri: Allah yg menyembuhkan, bukan garam tu =)

.:When Heart Does the Talking:.


SumaiyyahAbidah said...

Alang2 dah sampai sini, ingat nak stay and baca sikit, sambil komen.. hehe.

Selalu la dapat lip ulcers ni especially time panas! Pernah juga dengar kalau nak baik letak garam, tapi tak pernah buat. Kumur air garam pernah, tak la sakit sangat macam letak garam terus.

By the way, bila awak sebut yang "Allah yg menyembuhkan, bukan garam tu", teringat kisah Nabi Musa yang sakit gigi. Pernah dengar tak? In case tak pernah dengar, meh nak citer sikit. Tengah rajin :)

Nabi Musa a.s. sakit gigi (kalau tak silap). Jadi dia berdoa kepada Allah dan meminta penawar. Maka Allah pun memerintahkan Nabi Musa meletakkan/menyapu/mengunyah (tak ingat yang mana) sejenis daun. Nabi Musa mengikut perintah tersebut dan dengan izin Allah sakitnya sembuh. The next time Nabi Musa sakit gigi, baginda terus menggunakan daun tersebut tanpa bertanya kepada Allah. Sakit gigi tersebut tak sembuh. Jadi dia bertanya kpd Allah, kenapa sakitnya tak sembuh. Maka Allah berkata Nabi Musa hanya ingat Allah bila dia memerlukan. Sebaliknya bila dah tahu penawar, terus dilupakan.

Macam tu lah lebih kurang ceritanya. Baca dalam majalah Asuh, sampai sekarang saya ingat, hehe.

Teruskan usaha menulis, Dr! :)

Bella Billa said...

sumaiyyah - haha..cutenye~
rindu kan majalah Asuh..waktu kecik2 slalu baca..
thx 4 sharing =))


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