20 facts about me.

  1. Born as a muslim. Alhamdulillah.
  2. Still learning about my religion. So anything bad about me, please blame on me alone.
  3. Left-handed.
  4. But I can't play most games with left hand. So what am I?
  5. Hate roses. Because they die so fast.
  6. Carnations stay much longer. That makes me loving them.
  7. I force myself to love reading. Still doing it.
  8. Registered myself as an organs donator. Recently.
  9. Want to donate blood too but my hemoglobins always low.
  10. When I angry, I usually end up crying. That's how I express my anger I guess.
  11. Love to try new things.
  12. Love to ride on rollercoasters.
  13. Love travelling. Need to save more money.
  14. Think people are selfish.
  15. Hard to trust on people. Always ended up with frustration.
  16. Love anything about arts.
  17. Never wanted to become a doctor at first place.
  18. But decided to become one during medical school when I felt so happy to see people getting better and to see smiles on their faces.
  19. My parents are divorced. But I'm thankful enough that they are both still alive and do care about me and my siblings.
  20. I hope that i can give lots of benefits to human beings as long as i'm alive.


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