Tuesday, 22 December 2009

New Year of Hijriah

At that time, I was eating...
And my friend was surfing the internet..
in the living room..

At the same time, a song was played from my laptop..

" What song is this huh? From which drama? " My friend started to wonder about the song...

Surprisingly, in just a few secs, i answered " Bo Go Ship Da from Stairways to Heaven"

I'm superb!!


This thought suddenly came through my mind, and I told her " Isn't that nice if I could answer in the same speed of Quran, from which surah it comes from, which verses and so on?"

When come to think about it...
Lots of my memory in the brain is used to memorize the stuff that are not necessary!!
Korean songs, Korean dramas' scenes etc. ( well, actually, not limited to Korean , but these are the major ones to be truth...)


It's a new year of Hijriah...
I want to be a new Nabilah...
I mean, not that i'm going for a plastic surgery to make a new face of Nabilah...=P
But, i wanna be a new better Nabilah...

Light up new spirits...
Bring up new visions...

I wanna give a BIG presents to my parents. Only Allah know what are they...

These are not just a simple sayings, its guided with strategies and willings.

p.s. i noticed that i posted a lot lately..well, L.I.C.~ =)

.:When Heart Does the Talking:.

1 comment:

duha said...

assalamualaikum bella..

when i was reading ur post,
it seems like i'm having deja vu :p

hurm..yup..u're TOTALLY right..
everything that're given by God should be used properly..

notice that our brain really is SUPERB!

but it may bring you to the RIGHT path, or the other one..nauzubillah~

let us be a better person this year and the coming up :) (pray for me too)

by the way,
blog da hijrah jd cantik..
akhlak kita pun kena hijrah jd makin cantik jgak! hehe

salam hijrah!


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