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Short Escape to Krabi, Thailand (Part 1)


I'm too excited to share my trip to Krabi here. I think this gonna be a long post.

It takes awhile since I was focusing for the viva assessment - an assessment before I end my Surgical posting. Alhamdullilah, it turned up well and I passed my surgical posting =)

Another 1 year to go to finish my housmanship, InsyaAllah.

Well, good thing about being in Surgical posting (in Hospital Sungai Buloh - not sure about other hospitals) we got lots of day off - 8/9 days of the annual leaves, adds up with weekend offs and one day off every week. Therefore, I took this opportunity to escape from hospital life and decided to spend few days with my girls.

We actually have been planning for the trip since June 2015. It took some time to pick a date that suits to all of us.

Things to arrange before we reach Krabi:

1) Date and how long to stay

Since one of my friend can only request for maximum 3 days off straight, so we chose to stay in Krabi for 3 nights. (Let us do the maths)

2) Flight tickets

No special promotion during booking. We spent about RM320 per person for the tickets (including check in luggage). We bought it like one month before the departure date so, i guess it can be considered reasonable. Huhu.

3) Place to stay

Well, one thing to make it clear.
Krabi is actually a town. A big town. So, u surely not gonna stay in Krabi town since there's actually nothing much there.

The most famous tourists area are the Aonang beach area.
There's a lot of hotels in Aonang, i really mean it.

We just want a place that is comfortable to stay, in Ao Nang area and CHEAP!

So during the research, I found Baan Kure Ngern Aonang (pronouced as: Baan Kuay Ngern). Yes, it's a hotel name. It had all we need. We were really happy to stay in this hotel. Only that, they do not provide breakfast. Spent RM 145 per person for 3 nights. Cheap right? Hehe. But surely la, don't expect them to have big pools, sauna and everything. This hotel don't even have lift. =)

But here is a sneak peek to the room.

Tipu kalau tak terpegun. Hihi.

4) Reseach on activities/ places to go in Krabi.

The must visit places in Krabi are the islands, especially the famous Phi Phi island (which I will tell more about it later) and Emerald/ Blue pools in Khlong Thom. The other famous places to go are Tiger Cave Temple and Elepant camp (which were not in our interest, so we skipped those two..)

So let the story begins....


Our flight departed at 7am on time. However, due to the bad haze on that day, our flight unable to land at Krabi airport and was diverted and landed at Surat Thani airport. We had to wait in the plane for more than 1 hour for the sky get clearer. None the less, managed to land on second attempt and finally we reached Krabi at 11am.

That time, we were like: It's ok. Take your time. We're not rushing. We're on holiday. We are willing to even ride a bus from Surat Thani to Krabi. Haha.

Surat Thani Airport

Once we reached the airport, there were many booths selling travelling packages and transportation renting/booking. We were actually undecided whether to go to Aonang first for hotel check in or directly to Khlong Thom to visit Hot stream and emerald pool (since the airport is in between these two places).

Muka- muka happy finally sampai Krabi
Fikir punya fikir, we decided to check in hotel first and paid 600 Baht (150 Baht/ person) for the taxi to Aonang. To our surprise that the taxis here are actually minivans. Thankfully, we asked the taxi driver for his suggestion. (And yes, the taxi driver is soooo nice!) He suggested to go to Khlong Thom first since it gonna be a waste of time to go to Aonang first.

We made a deal with him. Paid another 2000 Baht (500 Baht/ person) for him to bring us to places in Khlong Thom and bring us back to Aonang. Not sure if it's overpriced or not but boleh la. Still under our budget.

It took about 45 minutes to reach our first destination: Hot Spring Waterfall, Klong Thom.

Entrance fee: 90 Baht/ person
Car: 20 Baht

At the entrance
We took the long road to the hot stream. Took around 15 minutes.

Why not more than 20 minutes? Find the answer. Hihi.

The hot stream

The hot stream connected to the river

Still not in the mood to get soaked, so main celup-celup kaki jela.

Next, we went to Emerald Pool. Not far from the Hot stream, took only 10 minutes to reach there.

Entrance fee: 200 Baht (yes, expensive!)

The walk to the entrance, lots of food stalls at the sidewalk but there are not many halal food options.

The entrance

Even the entrance dah breathtaking. Belum reach emerald pool lagi.

Posing la sikit


To the emerald pool. Once again, we took the longer road, 1.4km. Shorter road is 800m. Semput gak la. 


Spring pool = Blue pool

Reached emerald pool but we decided to go further to Blue Pool first.

Gigih merentas hutan.

Ingatkan sesat sebab tak sampai-sampai, nasib baik nampak sign ni.

From the emerald pool to the blue pool, it took us 30 minutes to reach there. Seriously tiring, but totally worth it.

The blue pool. Nice to see, but forbidden to dive in.

Gambar terakhir bersama sandal yang kemudiannya tercabut tapak.

The emerald pool. Agak crowded.

Got really hungry from that tiring walk. Gotta fill up our growling tummy, We were thinking of having our lunch here however the one and only halal restaurant here was closed, thefore this is all we got. So yummy and so cheap =)

Then we decided to go to Aonang for hotel check in. It took around 1 hour and half from Khlong Thom to Aonang. And we all slept soundly in the taxi. Hehe.

Once reached our hotel Baan Kure Ngern Aonang, surprisingly we are welcomed with orange juice.  The staff are friendly. =)

Dah tgk gambar katil kan tadi. Now, the bathroom. Nice and clean.

After solat and shower, we went out again to the Aonang Night Market. It was held every Wednesday. Famous among locals. Lucky us.

The motorcycle taxi. Paid 50 Baht per person one way.

Just because we saw lots of locals buying this, we decided to give it a try. Not sure about it's name, but it taste like bihun in kuah laksam. Yummy. 

Mussels with egg. Tasted like egg. Thank god i'm an egg queen. =P

Mushrooms with processed food - ham/ hot dog/ crab.

Mussel with egg. This is how it looks like.

Don't know it's name, but it tasted so good and healthy.

We just need a proper dinner, thefore we randomly chose to eat at Rakan Seafood, near to our hotel. Nothing special, just nice to fill up our tummy. The food from the night market tasted much nicer. Spent 850 Baht for dinner (212.5 Baht/ person). Expensive... *cry*

Wefie time

We've tasted even tastier tom yam kung. But that crab fritters tasted awesome =)

That ends our first day in Krabi. Fuhhh.. took longer time than i expected. Will continue later. InsyaAllah.

.:Saksikan Bahawa Aku Seorang Muslim:.

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