Thursday, 15 October 2015

Short Escape to Krabi, Thailand (Part 2)

After we had dinner on our first day in Krabi, we walked along Aonang street to search for a one day island hopping tour for the next day. We kinda lazy to search actually, so we just used our instinct and went to a small booth and asked for the price.

Phi Phi island one day tour. Checked.
Good price. Checked.
More discount. Checked.

During peak season, it will cost around 1800 Baht, but we managed to get at 1150 Baht (lunch included) *happy*


There are lots of packages that you can choose from. We chose Sea eagle tour as the speed boat is much smaller, meaning there will fewer people on the boat (30 people). Larger boats have the capacity of 50 people.

They picked us up at the hotel. (Most packages will do this)

Excited faces.

Another excited faces.
 Ride on the truck and brought to the pier around 10 minutes or less from our hotel.

Given purple bangles for those who are going to Phi Phi island.

Our tour guide named Chart. Hardly understand what he was saying. Layankan je...

Sape kate tak cool pakai selipar dengan stokin? Hehe

The Viking Cave.

The Maya Bay.

Next destination. Loh Sa Ma Bay.

Chart pun nak tumpang sekali.

Promote sikit ori tempe kicap kakakku =P

Phi Phi Don.

Our lunch.

Muka kepanasan nak buka mata pun susah.

Beriya nak posing kat buaian.

Menyesal tak sudah duduk kat bahagian depan feri. Kepanasan. 

Last stop: Bamboo island.

See what we found here! Beng-beng! Reminded us of Indonesia =)

I let the pictures to tell the story. Hehe.
All the places are beautiful. But we were rushing to go here and there. And all places are just too crowded. Anyway we had fun. We reached back to Aonang at 4.30pm.

At 6 pm, we went out to Aonang street to eat street food. Here what we got.

Had our pancake and coconut ice cream.
Pancake: 30 - 60 Baht
Coconut Ice cream: 50 Baht

Mango sticky rice. A bit dry. Not enough coconut milk.
Price: 50 Baht

After we had our snack, we went for Thai Traditional Massage. So amazing and cheap. Cheap yang paling penting. Haha. Only 200 Baht for 60 minutes. If you ever went to Thai Odyssey in Malaysia, you will cry to see how big the difference of the price.

Forrest Spa Massage
 We chose this spa massage as it has curtains to cover us up and all massage workers are originally female. If you understand what i mean. Hehe. It is actually located next to the place that we had dinner the day before.

After pampering ourselves, we walk through Aonang street to search for tomorrow's island hopping package. Actually, we went back to the booth that we went the day before. Too lazy to search for other places. Hehe.

Lots of packages you can choose from.

Decided to go to Hong Island by longtail boat. And we wanted kayaking too. So the price was 800 Baht per person. (Not included natural park entrance fee) Normal price will be around 1400 Baht. Kinda great deal don't you think? Hehe.

Then, we decided to go for dinner (yes, eat again.)
We saw food stalls full with people at the Aonang street and that time we were sure that's the place to have our dinner at.

Full of locals and foreigners.

Makan =) Spent 137.5 Baht per person.

Ok. Haven't finish my presentation for tomorrow. Going to continue when the time comes. Bye for now. Salam.

.:Saksikan Bahawa Aku Seorang Muslim:.

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