Friday, 26 June 2009

Heimlich Maneuver

What would you do if u saw someone is choking?
A. Run away - I can't see dying people
B. Call ambulance - Only doctors can help in this situation
C. Do nothing - I'm such a loser
D. Pray - Hoping that person will be OK
E. Help that person - Heimlich Maneuver

I'm not sure what u guys will answer.. But I chose E!
Well, u don't need to be a doctor to do the maneuver..
All u need is to know the right technique..


Learn larr!!!

Since sharing is caring~

These are the techniques of Heimlich Maneuver..

Isn't that great?

If you masterize the techniques, you could help those choking people..
Just a simple maneuver, everybody can do it~

Attention: This maneuver not recommended for infants less than 1 years old.

.:When Heart Does the Talking:.


duha said...


pasni tak takut da nak makan bila bella ade :p

neway..tq 4 the info..slame ni tau yg kne tekan perut org je..hehe..tak tau details pon..:p

khairiFMJ said...

waa..bella dh belajar awal2.bgs2..osce 3rd year nnt pasti cmrlg(~_^)

Al-Tuah Al-Shahab said...

bagus lah dah tau,
Tuah belajar masa PBSM dulu,
tp dah lupa,
skrg dah ingat balik,
tp dulu belajar budak tukita hold kat betis or kaki dia, yg baby lah...

Bella Billa to Duha said... tkut gak nk wat kt duha..tkut nnt bukn mknn tulang patah..hahaha~

Bella Billa to KhairiFMJ said...

salam..owh nih osce 3rd year yek..huhu
kebetulan tetibe nk tau psl bnde nih..
hmm iA berjya dgn cmerlangny osce 3rd yr nnti..haha

Bella Billa to Al-Tuah Al-Shahab said...

salam..owh msuk PBSM ke..hmm
yg tu x tau lak..xpe2..same2 share~
xkn la pbsm ajar bnde slh kot

3rdmarch said...

ilmu y bagus..
at least x lari klu terserempak dgn kes2 camni..iA~
thanx 4 sharing ur knowledge here~

Bella Billa said...

3rdmarch - wlcome!


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